Guzeppi Theuma’s Intimate Reflections

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Artist Ġużeppi Theuma’s latest personal exhibition, being held at the Zabbar Sanctuary Museum, is entitled Intimate Reflections, and consists mainly of acrylics on canvas expressing personal thoughts and experiences from the last two years.

Theuma attended the St Albans School of Arts in the city of St Albans, Hertfordshire in the UK. Since 1980, he has taken part in various exhibitions in Malta, showing his sculptures and paintings.

“I had been doing more sculpting in the last few years, until two years ago when I started painting again,” says Theuma of the works that are featuring in his latest exhibition. “At first I started working on abstracts and then the figurative aspect started creeping in. I found this combination very stimulating.

The artist invites the viewer to draw their own conclusions and relate to their own personal experiences from his paintings. “The painting which starts off by being my emotion can relate to everyone in different ways,” he says. “By painting my emotions I stimulate others to relate to it in their own way. I feel that this will relate personally to a wider audience.

“The title I give each painting is mine, but I leave it vague. The Lonely Bench, for instance, produced so many varied emotional experiences for the viewers… mostly positive. It is difficult to explain – because I paint what I cannot explain with words…”

Intimate Reflections will be inaugurated this Friday. June 15 at 19.30hrs. It will be open to the public from Saturday June 16 to Saturday June 30 from 9am – 12pm daily. Evenings by appointment on telephone 9922 6856.

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