Happy Holidays!

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I’m adhamant about choice. Although I understand that some people may be or may not be comfortable, may or may not approve of others’ choices, the only responsability anyone has, is to be happy and at rest with them.

Not to put others at ease. Not to please or dance around issues so that they may excuse their behaviour.

I believe in support and random kindness. I also believe that to be kind to the world, I have to be kind to myself first. Which means, in few words, if it’s not your business, don’t expect explanations. Don’t expect your unrequested input to turn someone else’s life around.

Your hapiness should not depend on my choices, or anyone else’s for that matter.

And besides all the above, I ask my shopkeeper if he celebrates Christmas, as I know he is muslim. He answers he doesn’t celebrate anything. He celebrates daily, not on occassion. As ignorant as my question may have been, he puts me to shame not because of culture, but on way of prioritising.

And hence, I’m blessed to be surrounded by people that remind me of what really matters, blessed to be reminded that life is living not planning, enjoying not worrying, breathing not waiting.

All in all, I’m beyond grateful for all that is now and I wish you all much love and light!

Stay blessed!


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