HellBoy : When the comics come to life (Again)

It is not the first time -and probably won’t be the last- that Mike Mignola’s comics and his famous character are turned into a gigantic blockbuster, but this one wanted to have a more horror-centric, R-rated sensibility. HellBoy is back with all the promesses it made : fun, blood and fire. 

The pitch

The legendary half-demon superhero is back and called to England to fight giants. But he will discover a lot more during this journey, like his story, his past but he will also find a new enemy : The Blood Queen Nimue, an immortal sorceress consumed by a thirst for revenge. Hellboy will have to face his very own demons in order to stop Nimue while trying not to trigger the end of the world.

Why you shouldn’t go to see HellBoy

HellBoy is intended for an informed audience, perhaps even an audience already fanatics of Mignola’s comic books from their beginning. It’s not a film for children, it’s basically more focused on the horror genre with scenes full of guts, cut heads and intestines. If you really want to go, bring a plastic bag because I was ‘this close’ to throwing up more than once during the film… On a more serious note, some bloody scenes were a little too much and actually unnecessary.

 Why you should go to see HellBoy

 The synopsis still really makes you want to watch it, doesn’t it? David Harbour (Stranger Things) portrays the role of the half-demon character preferred by the Dark Horse comics in this more than promising reboot. What are you being sold? An explosive cast, punchlines to die for and for those who like blood, well, you will be served bucket loads of it. With Milla Jovovich and David Harbour as headliners, Hellboy will delight the eyes and ears of Dark Horse comics fans.

HellBoy‘s strong point is the relentless humour of the main character, which was already prominent in the previous two films but also in the comics. HellBoy is not a superhero that nothing can ever reach, when he doesn’t like something he makes it known and often in a humorous tone. A few sentences in the film will make you stir a lot on your seat. HellBoy’s universe is very well defined and that’s a real plus for the movie because despite all the characters and stories that intertwine, even a beginner like me has managed to follow from the beginning to end.

KRS Releasing

The cast is the film’s big highlight, Milla Jovovich, star of the saga Resident Evil and fond of Sci-Fi movies offers us a charming performance in this reboot where she plays the role of HellBoy’s main antagonist. Her enchanting eyes would almost convince us to give our soul to the devil

As you may have noticed, I’m not really a fan of Sci-Fi movies but a word of advice to amateurs : try your luck with HellBoy, at least you’ll have some fun and above all an emotional time.


In a nutshell, HellBoy blows hot and cold with some really hilarious scenes and some bloody ones that weren’t really necessary. But it still good entertainment to see especially for comic book fans. So get all fired up and ready to go see HellBoy !


Release Date : 17th April / Classification: 15 / Genre : Fantasy, Action, Adventure / Director : Neil Marshall / Screenplay : Andrew Cosby / Cast : Milla Jovovich, David Harbour, Ian McShane / Distribution : KRS Releasing / 2H28MN


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