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Hidden by Mixa is an exhibition of paintings by artist Michelle Gialanze’ being held at Palazzo De Piro, Mdina from the 1 to 30 May 2019.

Mixa (Michelle Gialanze) has been painting throughout her life, for years hidden from public view. At a younger age she attended various art courses.  Then life took over and she had to focus on other aspects of her life which took priority. Now she is finally able to make art her priority.

The exhibition is titled Hidden both because of the years Mixa did not take part in exhibitions and also because of the hidden meanings in each of the paintings. Each painting has a subliminal message. Some are humorous – for example there is one of three donkeys whose tag line is “friendship, they share the yard and secrets”. Others are more profound, as is Shadows – where our heritage creates shadows on our present.

Mixa’s style uses in her paintings utilises layers of oil. A textured medium of oil is manipulated to created images with meaning. An example of this would be the ‘hidden mirror’ painting. in this piece,  a woman is looking at her own image yet seeing a younger version of herself. Mixa explains that this was inspired by an incident, many years ago, after hearing a phrase while watching TV – the actress said she looked in the window and saw an old lady with a heavy shopping basket. She reached out to help her and realised that it was actually herself.

“I often keep processing and thinking about matters and eventually these come through in my paintings,” says Mixa.  “I hope to share these various meanings with my audience.”
Mixa also hopes that the people who come and see her paintings enjoy them, and also get a chance to think about the matters they represent.

Hidden by Mixa will be exhibited at Palazzo De Piro, Mdina until May 30. Opening hours 9.30am – 5.30pm daily. For further information visit https://www.facebook.com/PalazzoDePiro/

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