Holy Communion In Malta

If you’re an expat or not familiar with certain Roman Catholic traditions, you maybe wondering about the Holy  Communion ceremonies taking place at the moment in Malta.

A highly anticipated day in many children’s lives, is their first Holy Communion. A Catholic tradition, rite of passage and one of the 7 sacraments, each year catholic children in Malta aged between 7-9 will receive communion after long preparations in Religion school (Museum)

This year was different, however and the usual dates earlier in the year had been canceled, leaving parents confused as to what was going to happen in terms of preparations.

A few weeks ago, all dates were moved to July and August and now the celebrations are in full swing.

Usually, the day is split alphabetically as there are so many children in certain parishes that the church would be too full and the ceremony lengthy which in summer can be very uncomfortable given the high temps so there will be a morning ceremony and early evening ceremony.

Normally the girls will wear a beautiful traditional white dress and boys a dapper suit for their big day and parents are known to go all out too! From makeup to hair, the mammys are all booked in to look extra special for the little ones special occasion.

The mass is often followed by a photo shoot with the family, in a studio or outdoors.

Many families will have a party (pool parties being popular this time of year) a bbq at home or a special family meal to mark to occasion.

A beautiful cake as well as cute souvenirs are traditional for guests too.

If you, yourself are organising an event for a loved one, many places will make the job so much easier by offering complete set up services.

It’s definitely a big affair in Malta

If you have been invited to celebrate with the family, traditionally gifts such as gold and silver Jewellery are popular but really it’s up to you, different to many years ago there is no specific gift anyone must buy and it’s more about celebrating with the child.

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