Hot Date? 5 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Restaurant With Bookia!

So you’ve set a date. Whoop whoop! You and your new match are vibing, you’ve hung out a few times and you’ve decided to do dinner. Fabulous! The only question is… where are you heading?

With Malta’s restaurant scene being as rich as it is, it might feel a little daunting when you’ve been asked to choose where you and your date are heading. If it’s been left in your hands to plan a surprise, there’s no need to worry, as Malta’s reservation platform Bookia has your back.

L’enoteca – Rabat

Bookia is your one-stop website when it comes to dining out. You can search for restaurants by location or by restaurant type if you’ve got something particular in mind. It’s perfect for discovering new restaurants, and the best thing about it is that you can book your table once you’ve chosen the perfect place in a matter of minutes! There’s no waiting around for restaurants to open, no phone-calls and absolutely no charge either. It’s a win win, and the ultimate wingman when it comes to dates.

Indulge has teamed up with Bookia to give you a few pointers when it comes to getting it right, because if there’s one thing we do know, it’s how to spend our time off. You’ve got this.

1. Options are your friend

If your date has any strict dietary requirements, you’d probably know by now, but if you’re not sure, just ask! These days, most places have gluten free alternatives when it comes to pasta, but you might be stuck if you choose a pizzeria… Many places now have a range of interesting plant-based options, but your safest bet is to go for a restaurant with its own separate menu section if your date is in fact, vegan. Bookia’s search options will help with this! Why not suggest to get a few starters to share first, tapas style?

2. A drive is always a good idea

If you’re coming from the North of Malta, go for the South and vice versa. Mdina, Dingli and Rabat make for a beautiful countryside drive. It’s always nice to be picked up and taken on an adventure- there’s something about it that brings out the excitable teenager in everyone! Choosing somewhere unexpected comes off as fun and spontaneous; plus, it will give you both time to have a joke and a laugh beforehand. Once you’ve reached your destination you’re bound to have broken the ice. With Bookia, you can choose exactly which direction you want to head to!

3. Go mid-range

Yes, burgers are great, whether they’re veggie or not (we totally agree) but if that’s all there is, some diners might feel a little uncomfortable tucking into one on in the early dating stages. Whether you end up splitting the bill or not, high-end places with matching prices can be slightly intimidating. Somewhere in the middle should be just right. So rather than a steakhouse, why not try a seafood joint? Just make sure your date’s not allergic to shellfish! Remember, the restaurant you choose doesn’t have to be expensive – it’s the glittering conversation that counts! Just don’t go for the absolute cheapest wine…

4. Consider World Food

If you decide to go for a world food option, you’re bound to come across as a little daring, and daring is sexy. Indian food is a classic, and, as most dishes are accompanied by rice, it’s a great choice if your date happens to be gluten intolerant. They always have vegetable curries if your date is not a meat eater, plus, just about everyone likes onion bhajis! Why not try Thai to spice things up a bit? It’s just one search click away with Bookia! While you’re sipping on a cold Asahi beer, you can chat about travel. Where’s their dream destination? Have they traveled to anywhere exotic? What was the food like?

5. Try somewhere new

It’s great being taken to a tried-and-tested favourite, but it’s infinitely more fun when you’re off to somewhere completely random with your date! Bookia is the perfect platform for this. You can choose your preferred location and work backwards, or there’s even an “I’m up for anything!” option. If you’ve never been out for Middle Eastern food before, now’s your chance. Lebanese cuisine includes lots of sharing options, which is a great conversation starter. Or how about a platter at an intimate wine bar? A date night classic! If all goes well, with any luck you’ll both be down for dessert.


Good luck and bon appétit!


Try out Bookia here! It’s free and always will be! 

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