House Party Guest

House Party Guest

House Party Guest – If you enjoy being part of fun gatherings at homes, check these guest habits you may wish to adopt to ensure you have fun, your host loves you and you’re invited again:


Always confirm to your host whether you are attending or not. If you have been reading our posts you’d know this is not the first time we mention the importance of RSVP and your responsibility as a guest to reply. Doing so in a timely manner is not only thoughtful but respectful too. Remember that organising and planning a party also needs time.

2. Punctuality

If you are invited at someone’s home, do not arrive early. You will be disrupting the hosts’ organisation and planning. Either arrive a few minutes later but no more than fifteen minutes late. If you happen to be stuck in traffic, simply call to advise. If you arrive early, wait in the car or go for a short walk around the block.

3. Gift

It’s a lovely gesture to take something to your host. You probably know what they like or fancy so go by giving wine (not chilled), flowers (ideally ready in a vase) or a small home decor item. If you don’t know the host and you’re accompanying someone, then ask your partner for some guidance.

4. Helping Out

Everybody loves a helping hand especially after a day of preparation. Offer help without being too pushy and show your willingness to help in anything the host needs. If your offer is refused, don’t get offended. Just assure your hosts that if they need anything later, they can just ask you.

5. Eating and Drinking

You would normally have eaten something before on the day. It is good practice to plan your food intake so you don’t feel ravenous and overindulge. Eating like you have never eaten before will draw the wrong attention to you and you don’t want that.

6. Roaming Around

Do not roam around the house too freely or touch any of the hosts’ personal items. If you happen to see a picture frame and love the photo in it, you do not need to touch the frame. Ideally comments are kept to yourself – you don’t want to come across as the invading guest of your hosts’ space.

7. Thank you

Before leaving offer your help with the clearing up and don’t forget to thank your hosts. If you really wish to leave a lasting impression, then take a minute the next day to send another personal note to thank your host once again for inviting you and for a wonderful time spent.

Ramona Galea

Ramona is an International Etiquette Coach and an avid believer of the importance these soft skills have nowadays. This passion kicked off from a young age when she questioned why elbows couldn’t stay on the table and her inquisitiveness continued and she founded First Class Etiquette, to address the developing need for people’s understanding of the importance of international business and social etiquette. It really is not just about elbows but confidence, attitude, assertiveness and knowing the how, the when and the why we do things. Amongst her hectic schedule, her two biggest indulgences are travelling with her family and reading with an Aperol Spritz in quiet surroundings - just being away from it all to de-stress.

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