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From the international catwalks to the Instagram accounts of major influencers, neon is everywhere. You see it in the hot pinks and fluorescent yellows; in the lime greens and the electric blues. Yet many are understandably unsure of how to wear these alarmingly bright hues… So here are some answers to questions you may be asking yourself with regards to clothing in neon colours.

Does this neon colour suit me? 

Neon shades aren’t neutral: they don’t go well with everything and they don’t look good on everyone. While the best advice on wearing this trend is to try on different neon hues and being honest with yourself, there are some concrete facts on how to pull them off. Firstly, your skin colour makes a big difference to which neon colours will work best for you. Yellows, oranges and greens look fantastic with olive skin; pinks and blues look great with darker skin; while fair skin handles purples, pinks and blues nicely but will look washed-out in bright yellows. Secondly, your other features can also play a part in choosing the right neon hue for you: Neon blues accentuate blue eyes; hot pinks look great with black and dark hair; tan/pastel shades of neon at the top will help hair highlights stand out.

How do I incorporate neon in an outfit?

Neon draws attention; that is the whole point of it. But there are ways you can look on point without going all out: combine a neon dress with a black jacket, wear a neon top with jeans, or just accessorise your outfit with a neon handbag or shoes. Nevertheless, for the more adventurous, neon offers a whole new world of opportunities. Mixing neon colours is all the rage, and we particularly love a pink-blue-green combo or an all-pastel neon outfit. Yet the neon craze doesn’t have to be all or nothing, either. Tan goes incredibly well with hot pink; lime green with black; and flaming orange with brown. Ultimately, it is also a matter of style and taste, and the trick is to incorporate neon into your wardrobe and not the other way round.


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Here are some examples of how Sarah Zerafa has been incorporating it into her wardrobe!







How many pieces of neon should I own?

While neon is the most in-vogue trend of the season, it will likely disappear as quickly and as stealthily as it came about. At this point, you should invest in as many items of neon clothing and accessories as you can, but don’t break the bank for it. Instead, get a few pieces and invest the real money in items that never go out of style.


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