I surrender. I’m surrounded.

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I surrender. Because I’m surrounded.

I surrender to love. To love and be loved by people.

I surrender to acceptance. To accept their actions and follow through with my own.

I surrender to my present and everything it is but more importantly, everything it is not.

I surrender to gratitude. Gratitude for the amazing human beings that grace my life, covering me with a state of serenity, love & kindness.

I surrender to roles, identities and anything my mind wishes to create or pull apart.

I surrender to an expectationless living, not because I don’t want more but because my present is always enough.

I surrender to be transparent, choosing to live instead of expect to do so.

I surrender to sincerity and all the playfulness that lies in it.

I surrender to seeing only what I love.

I surrender to pray through every thank you.

I surrender to remain surrounded, by a present that is limitless.

I surrender to remain surrounded, by the opportunities which are my present.

And I smile into surrender.


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