I’m sorry

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I am sorry. I am not.

There is no time for apologies and second guesses. There is no room for doubt or hanging on. There is no time for disappointment so deep it physically hurts.

There is no room for judgement, when we can only impart a broken knowledge over shatters of some stories, over the pieces of egos filtered by our own regrets.There is so much that you can’t even glimpse within yourselves. So much it’s blinding, astounding, deafening.

There is no yesterday and no tomorrow, no ceasing hour of the night or faltering suns to come our way. There is a simplicity destroying expectations, allowing of a flowing state of being.

A natural state of joy, living in peace over the incessant humming of our minds. We are surrounded. There is no fall that unity won’t break. There is nothing to lose, to change, to run after. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. You are.

And you are in spite of everything your mind tells you, in spite of every fear, regret or worry, in spite of what is happening, in spite of how you feel or how much you choose to hurt. In spite of your overwhelming disappointment.

You are. Your being does not depend on anything outside yourself or any creation that your mind concocts.

Attachments. Lost in trying to control. Control outcomes. Control time. Control the world. Control ourselves. Attached. Feelings, needs, wants, desires. All lies. A never-ending struggle of our egos to prove that we are.

Truth is, there is no need for proof, we already are. In spite of all our efforts.

“You do belong”  as Jonathan Olinger would say. You do belong. 


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