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“Christmas won’t be Christmas without the Comedy Knights”, to (mis)quote Louise May Alcott. The sketch comedy company’s’ rehearsals are in full swing for the eagerly-anticipated show which skewers everything and everyone with its take-no-prisoners brand of comedy. put its best Jimmy Choo-clad foot forward and caught up with two of the Knights’ stalwarts, the Sliema Girls Cikka and Bex, to get the scoop on this year’s show… and also to find out how they plan to indulge over the Christmas Season.

Hello Girls, it’s been a while, what have you been up to?
Cikka: Well you know ey, it’s been a bit of a strange year maaa. Daddy was worried that he wasn’t going to get the permit for his new block of flats because on the application form he wrote ‘condom’ instead of ‘condominium’, and the PA (or is it MEPA? I can’t keep up) weren’t going to allow it, maaa. And then Jeremy heard about this new driving licence points system and he wants to test his new Range Rover (white hux of course) ‘properly’, but he doesn’t know the right people to make the points vanish…
Bex: Insomma ey… I’ve been stressed, but coping. It’s been a busy year – one can never have enough shoes and handbags, or enough wardrobes to put them in… so I made Beppe build more wardrobes. I also found a new cause. Do you know how much plastic there is in our sea? Now I only drink Pellegrino from glass bottles.

With rehearsals in full swing, have you managed all your Christmas shopping?
Bex: Mostly Christmas shopping is about me, and I always make time for me. I also gave Beppe a list this year… it’s so much easier than having to look happy when I open another one of his ridiculous presents. I mean, a vacuum cleaner? What am I supposed to do with that?
Cikka: He bought you a vacuum cleaner?!! U ejja?
Bex: Mela!
Cikka: U ejjaaaa?
Bex: Melaaaa!
Cikka: U ejjaAAAA?
Bex: Mel…

…*Ahem* Have you been naughty or nice? What would you like Father Christmas to bring you this year?
Bex: What a silly question, I am always nice – my nanna taught me to be the nicest person in every room. It worked – everyone loves me. This Christmas, I’d like Santa to bring me a massive rock – not jewellery though, how boring… maybe a new house.
Cikka. U ajma maaa of course I’ve been nice! I’m always nice. Last month I even sent a text to donate some money. I’m very humanitarian. If Santa could bring world peace that would be nice – hahahahaha maaaa I’m really funny ey? Heq hu, if Santa could find a diamond bracelet at the bottom of his sack, I’d say thank you!

What are your plans for the Christmas season?
Cikka. So many parties I can’t even cope. I have brunches and drinks and office parties. But for NYE Bex and I are going to keep it low-key, because low-key is like really in now. So we’re just going to have some bubbly at home first and then we’re going out to dinner with Jeremy and Beppe and then we’re going to a friends’ house cos they’re having this big house party and then maybe we’ll go to Valletta and join in with the locals – because 2018 is all about keeping it authentic ey?

What can we expect from The Comedy Knights this year?
Bex: It’s funny hux? Very funny. Of course Cik and I are the funniest… although I can’t really understand why people find us so funny – we’re just normal ey. I like the Sliema Boys – they remind me of my Beppe.
Cikka: I think what we do is really nice hux? We’re giving joy to the less fortunate. It’s like charity work for Bex and me. We allow people to glimpse into our lives once a year so they’ll know what to aspire to, hux?

And finally, what are the Sliema Girls’ favourite indulgences?
Cikka: Lattes. Bex and I really like our lattes. Mela….
Bex: You mean other than Ifhem, I have a few ey – like cashmere socks or champagne at lunchtime. But mostly I am a very simple person aah – like Cikka, I am a humanitarian (which is different from a vegetarian) and everything I do, I do it for you…

The Comedy Knights: 5how Me the Funny will be performed at Teatru Salesjan, Sliema from 26th December 2017 until 7th January 2018 at 20:00
For more info visit; and for bookings visit

(photo credit: Mata Hati)

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