Infrared Heating Panels proven to be more economical than traditional heating systems

22280976A study carried out by the Institute for Sustainable Energy at the University of Malta (UOM) has shown that Healthy Heat Far Infrared Heating Panels use less than half the amount of energy of a commonly used traditional AC unit and are faster to heat space than a traditional oil-filled electric resistance convection heater, thus making them a more economical heating solution. Infrared is an invisible band of radiation that is felt as heat – like the sun’s rays it warms the objects present in the area and then the air to create pleasant warmth and comfort in the interior. For this reason Infrared Panels produce a constant sensation of warmth, as opposed to the fluctuation between hot and cold air as felt in traditional heaters.

Apart from the financial benefits of Healthy Heat Infrared Heating, there are health benefits, which these panels offer; particularly to those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Compared to a gas heater, infrared heating offers no adverse effects as it does not produce carbon dioxide or water vapour within the heated space, thus improving air quality and reducing condensation and dampness on walls. When compared to fan heaters or air-conditioners, the infrared panels have no fans thus eliminating the movement of dust and allergens around the room.

‘The study has shown that infrared heating panels have the capacity of heating space to the same level as an electric heater but using a lower thermostat setting. This translates to direct energy savings,’ concluded Ing. Charles Yousif, from the Institute for Sustainable Energy at the UOM, ‘Additionally, the heating profile is much smoother than that produced by air-conditioners, thus providing a more pleasant and cosy environment that suits very well the needs of places such as schools, offices, hospitals, old people’s homes as well as residential and commercial buildings. It could also be a smart alternative for space heating in hotels that are still using hot water boilers and circulating systems, since it eliminates all moving parts, which translates into direct savings in operation and maintenance costs. They can be easily linked to any BMS (Building Management System) or occupancy control system for even more savings.’

‘We have always had great confidence in the brand and the benefits of infrared heating. This type of heating is widely used abroad and when we relocated to Malta we were surprised that they were practically unheard of here especially since there are so many benefits for Malta in particular with the humidity levels we experience in our homes and the number of asthma sufferers. This study helps support our beliefs.’ commented Robyn Pratt, Director and Partner of Healthy Heat Limited.

Healthy Heat Ltd. is the sole distributors of Infrapower Heating Panels in Malta. Infrapower panels have the highest efficiency rate in the market (tested by a leading Austrian laboratory). Their unique technique and the usage of the highest grade materials in the market guarantee an outstanding performance.

For more information call: Healthy Heat Ltd. – +356 9994 3100

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