It’s Almost Halloween! 6 Easy Ways To Recreate Cruella Costumes At Home

Without being overly dramatic… I honestly think Cruella has to be my favourite Disney film of all time. It’s certainly the most fashionable. Granted, I’ve always respected Ariel for her innovation with the shell bra, and Pocahontas for fashioning a tasseled, asymmetric minidress out of what I can only imagine is animal hide. And don’t get me started on the Cinderella makeover scene. But seriously, Cruella is the most fashion-forward of them all.

That being said, it’s finally time to start preparing those Halloween costumes. You have a whole fortnight to push your creativity to the max and get designing! Here are just a few starting points courtesy of Indulge.

1. The Walking Stick

Get yourself down to your local hardware store and get hold of some plain pine wooden beading. A coat of any basic cheap black paint et voilà! Your stick.

2. The Feather Boa

Here’s Glenn Close in the original 101 Dalmation’s live-action film based on the animated Disney movie. Purchase a white and black feather boa and twist them together. Simples.

3. The Punk Pins

Mini Estella is just as cool as fully grown Cruella, and we love her fashion innovation exhibited from early on. Score an old school blazer and add safety pins and lots of badges.

4. The Military Chains

You can buy thin gold-coloured metal chain off the reel from large haberdasheries. Recreate Cruella’s military jacket with stitched-on drapes of the stuff and a red sash.

5. The Illuminated Dress

You’ll need a fair few metres of white fabric to recreate this head-turning hooded dress. The ultimate touch is battery-operated fairy lights under the skirt.

6. The Diamanté Mask

Some black felt, elastic, superglue and loose black diamante will set you up for a sultry eye-mask like Emma Stone’s. Fix on some feathers and you’ve got yourself a showstopper.


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Nicole Parnis

Nicole is a culture writer and lifestyle journalist with a passion for fashion, food, music and anything retro. She indulges by thrifting her Sundays away at flea markets, followed by a cappuccino or two in a pretty village square.

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