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Born in Mellieħa, Malta, John Vic Borg is an artist with a sensitive eye for delicate nuances of light. He is the latest addition to our Artists’ Directory.

When and how did you get started?
At the age of 10, my primary school teacher saw potential in me and encouraged me to take art more seriously and helped me to get started by taking art lessons which I did for two years before going to Australia.

What genre do you consider your work to be?

Describe your work in 10 words or less.
My art is a passion for reality. embracing the ‘chiaroscuro’ effect

Where was your first exhibition held?
At Razzett tal-Markiż Mallia Tabone in Mosta in 2003

Do you have a favourite from among your own artworks? If so, why?
All my paintings give me great satisfaction and its hard for me to pick my favourite.

What are you working on at the moment?
A portrait in monochrome.

Which artist’s work are you most inspired by?

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
A photographer.

What is the epitome of happiness for you?
Out and about Plein air painting

What do you love about Malta?
The diverse colours the countryside offers in different seasons.

What do you hate about Malta?
The loss of its countryside.

Favourite colour and what it means to you?
Green which means life.

And finally, what is John Vic Borg’s favourite indulgence?
Peace and tranquillity.

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