Josephine’s, Corinthia Palace’s new coffee concept

For a while you can find new innovative coffee concept at Corinthia Palace called Josephine´s. Now this part will please all vegans here in Malta, but coffee lovers as well. The Josephine´s offers sustainable specialty coffee and mouth-watering plant-based menu. I attended their exclusive tasting event and it´s my pleasure to share with you my impression.




The event started with few words from Corinthia Palace Hotel Manager, Alexandra Pisani and Education Manager at Origin Coffee, Jana Slamova. After that we heard presentation from one and only Freda Yuan, Head of Coffee at Origin, suppliers of Josephine’s coffee. She told us her backstory of becoming a professional coffee taster, revealed the secret of specialty coffee and we tried to recognize difference between speciality and commercial one. I was surprised how big the difference actually is. We are used to hard and bitter taste when coffee can be fruity and full of tastes.




After this experience it was time for the plant-based menu. We began with homemade granola with coconut yoghurt, followed by smoothie and bakery basket. The stars of the menu were sandwiches. I´m telling you, T.L.T Toasted Barley Bread with Tempeh is something I would die for. We finished the event with fantastic signature cake and coffee of choice.




Josephine´s care deeply about our planet, it´s inhabitants, and the food we consume. They are using only the fines, ethically sourced ingredients and guarantees specialty coffee that is sourced in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner, this all for available prices.

Find your way to Josephine´s…, because coffee is always a good idea!

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Iva Svitakova

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