Kids Lunches and Snacks made easy!

When it comes to children’s lunches and snacks, there’s a plethora of ideas and options out there from handy snack packs to mini smoothies but sometimes I still struggle with ideas and what to give my toddler, especially now in his compulsive snacking phase…. if I let my son eat Cheerios, blueberries and animal biscuits all day everyday he’d be in his element!
Still, knowing he most likely won’t eat certain things, I’ll serve him fruit and different veg with all his meals in the hope he will actually eat them all.

One thing that I’ve found really useful is the very handy Yumbox! I came across it online and seen they had a Maltese supplier.
They are essentially a cute version of a bento box with the added features of portioning the sections of the box in to the ideal sizes for kids… for example, there’s a grains, dairy, protein, fruit and veg section. This makes is super easy to pack and know you are hitting all the boxes when it comes to a balanced meal!

They have various different boxes and lunch options, when Conor goes to school, I’ll definitely be getting him some more of the products but for now, for our needs, I bought the the lunch box below – it’s perfect for bringing with us when we are out for the day and sometimes I use it even at home at lunch time.

He seems to be more interested in his lunch when it’s portioned out the way the box is and picks away happily with what I’ve given him.
I’ll be traveling soon and so happy I have this now too because usually I have loads of bags and boxes with me and this will help with saving space!
Another great feature is lid, it seals all the sections separately, so you can even put yoghurt or dip in there without worrying it will spill.
You can find all the products at Yumbox Malta on Facebook, they deliver free of charge and are very helpful.
There’s also millions of ideas on how to pack them on Pinterest.

At the moment, Conor loves, Cheerios, raisins and anything that he can eat quickly so I love the kiddylicious, lidl, Ella’s kitchen and baby belly snack options because they are all packed in perfect sizes.

Photo credit – Yumbox Malta

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