Kids Storage (again)

Kids Toy Storage (again)

I’ve previously written about ideas for kids storage in an old post but today I’m reviewing a new purchase.

I live in a small apartment and my whole living area has to basically be a jack of all trades! It serves as a kitchen, living room, play area and most recently, a class room with the home schooling!

I also can’t stand clutter, it gives me anxiety and fogs my brain BUT I have come to terms with the fact that having a child and a husband paired with a small space will inevitably be a mess almost all of the time. So my only solution at the moment is to have a some what organised chaos and to achieve this, I need clever storage!

I already have a great toy box and play kitchen which doubles up on storage but the clutter kept growing with my child and he will play with everything so it’s not a matter of out with the old (he notices) The only toys he’s outgrown are ones not suited to his age.

I love Pinterest and one day I hope I will have my Pinterest worthy home but for now I have to find solutions that blend in and serve purpose. That’s actually where I seen the trofast storage systems from IKEA in many different forms.

There are so many to choose from and the one I chose is very specific to my needs, 3 interchangeable small trays and 3 deep buckets. We have loads of tiny toys which the small trays will be perfect for and the larger bins suit the like of lego, trucks and dinosaurs.


It also blends in with the size and colour of my other kids storage systems.

The inserts also double up as a sensory play bin which came in so handy for home school activities and as I mentioned, they are interchangeable, they come in other colours and styles which make it easy to add to or use for other purposes.

I really like this system and think it would work great in open planned offices or craft studios too… even a large or walk in wardrobe and garages.

10/10 from me!


so far tidying up is much easier because I automatically organise without realising and Conor (without promoting I’ll add) has learned which box is for what and do it sometimes too… mostly with a bribe!

I assembled it myself in about an hour, I’m not usually the carpentry person in the household but IKEA make it handy with all you need to build it and once the frame takes shape, you can’t go wrong. It was very satisfying!

I purchased mine from IKEA through megastore and was delivered the day and time given with great service.

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