Learning from 2019’s Cruise Collections

Many of us know that fashion houses release their spring/summer and autumn/winter collections and that each of these usually gives us a good indication of the upcoming trends. But, then, what are cruise (also known as resort) collections that come out in the shops?

Well, the clue is in the name. Originally, cruise collections were prêt-à-porter collections that helped jet-setters have the latest styles on holiday even when the shops in their home countries would be stocking winter apparel. Today, the concept has caught on, with menswear also becoming privy to an occasional resort collection.

The best part about cruise collections, however, is that they are so easy to wear straight off the catwalk. And, it’s with that in mind that we thought we’d bring you some of our favourite looks from the world’s top designers.


Mix it well!

Clashing or complementary, a mix of garments in different textures and fabrics that come in a variety of patterns is the way to go this season. Think Tokyo; think eclectic; think ‘I would never do that’ and go for it.

Layer it on!

It’s not only about mixing patterns, but also about layering. Tops on tops; tights under skirts; statement capes on statement dresses. More is definitely less this mid-season and we’re living for it.

Top it off with a jacket!

Bright, bold, out-there jackets are all the rage and the more outrageously-daring they are, the better.

The finishing touch!

Statement headgear has always been the runway’s favourite bedfellow – but this year it’s taken centre stage. So bring out that old hat you’ve been too embarrassed to wear and rock it. All the models are!

Which look is your favourite?

Iggy Fenech
Iggy Fenech

Iggy Fenech has been pouring his feelings into articles for local newspapers and magazines for the past nine years. His other passions include watching historical documentaries, cooking and putting together eccentric outfits. When it comes to cocktails, his favourite is always the next one.