LOVE dining out? This new Maltese website is a foodie’s dream come true!

We adore eating out at restaurants here at Indulge, and believe there really is a table for every occasion. Where we choose to go depends on our mood and company, and of course, what we’re craving! Wherever we’re off to, it has to be just right- be it lunching with an old friend or fancy Saturday night dinner arrangements.

We all know how hectic schedules can get in this modern day and age, between work, family commitments and everything else, so when we do carve out the time for a proper get-together at a restaurant, we want to relax in the knowledge that we’ll be taken care of by the professionals!

La Stalla Restaurant – Bugibba

Over Lockdown we’ve been getting busy in the kitchen and trying out an abundance of new recipes, some of which have become mainstays on the dinner table and at afternoon tea (I’m looking at you, banana bread!). However, nothing beats sitting down at a well-set table and having the menu passed over to you by a smiling waiter. It’s the pouring of the wine, the picking and choosing of the starters and the sharing of a decadent dessert with two spoons that makes the restaurant experience oh so special. The little things! Oh how we’ve missed them.

Sciacca Grill – Valletta

Now that life is just about back to normal, aside from more welcomed stringent and sanitised regulations, we’re ready to make plans and set out into the world of culinary surprises once more. It’s great timing, then, that the tech-savvy heads over at Bookia – the team behind Get Hitched and Evently – have come up with a new and exclusive-to-Malta platform to make eating out even smoother.

Have you ever been stuck for somewhere to eat? Felt like you’ve been everywhere and tried it all and just can’t put your finger on where you’d like to go? Or, on the other end of the scale, you know exactly where you want to go, would like to secure a table right there and then but found that the restaurant doesn’t open until the early evening? That’s where Bookia comes in. The website is there to help diners choose and book restaurant reservations at any time of day, that’s 24 hours! Their system is as easy as can be to use, and costs you absolutely nothing, there’s literally no extra service charge. That’s right, free!

Palazzo Preca – Valletta

What’s more is that with Bookia, you can choose to search for restaurants by cuisine or by location, making it delightfully easy to navigate the delicious wonderland that is the Maltese restaurant scene. They even have a drop-down menu option called “I’m up for anything”! How’s that for spontaneous?! You can browse through each restaurant’s beautifully photographed menu galleries if you’re the type of person who needs visual aids to get your appetite going, and trust us, there are some divine looking dishes on Bookia! Once you know where you want to go you’ll have a table booked in a matter of clicks.

The Harbour Club – Valletta

We love any form of technology that makes life simpler here at Indulge, and there’s something about Bookia that secretly makes us feel like we have our own Personal Assistant. How very glam! No waiting around, no phone-calls, no being put on hold, no repeating, no refreshing emails for confirmation from the restaurant manager, just book and get on with your fabulous day.

So for whatever you’ve got planned coming up, be it a crisp salad in a modern joint with your editor, an exciting second date, birthday sushi with your besties or a big old family get together with in-laws, kids and all the trimmings, try Bookia. You can thank us later!

Nicole Parnis

Nicole is a culture writer and lifestyle journalist with a passion for fashion, food, music and anything retro. She indulges by thrifting her Sundays away at flea markets, followed by a cappuccino or two in a pretty village square.

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