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“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”
Eckhart Tolle

I let go. I’ve made it a habit. It was so hard in the beginning, I had attached so much of myself to the outside world, I felt lost each time I  let go of anything.

I felt I was leaving a piece of me there. Now, I realise, I left just part of an identity, more so, one I had built for myself. I realise that I never lost anything by letting go…instead, I released myself.

It’s so important to let go of anything that no longer serves a positive purpose in our lives. As long as you keep hanging on to an issue/person/ circumstance, you can’t make space in your life for the positive that is trying to come in.

As I love to over-simplify, I believe our main purpose in life is to be happy. Often enough, we deny our happiness, out of fear. Holding on of an image that needs to be maintained. Of an idea of how things should be. It gets toxic. It gets hard.

Life is simple. Hurting is not our purpose. There’s something a lot more intelligent innately in us. When we hurt it’s a sign that things aren’t running naturally.

It’s a sign there is something we need to let go. To make space for something that does come naturally. We’re meant to live in compatibility. Joyfully. Freely. Lovingly. It is a matter of priority. I always ask myself what’s more important:hanging on to a negative feeling or thought about someone/ an event or to look for all the positive ones? The choice is simple.

I see others as an extension of myself. So, I don’t want to judge, constrain, refrain, label anyone. I don’t have to condone anyone’s misled actions, or negative behavior but I don’t need to judge them for it. I just distance myself. That’s their journey, and it’s not for me to understand. Therefore, I let them go. I make space for others that are compatible with me.

I see life as uncontrollable. Unpredictable. So I accept it. Have little expectations. I don’t try to change anything because I live with the freedom that I can choose how I feel about anything. And that’s all that it comes down to.

I see the best in anything.No matter how amazing my past experiences may have been, I only live in the present. I’m grateful for it.

Truly, there is little loss in life. Usually, there’s just an idea of holding on. You can’t posses another. You can’t control events. You can live now, in a state of mind that is free. Regrets will dissipate.Hurt will never touch the peace inside you. Second guessing yourself will become confidence. Most of all, you will be effortlessly happy. All of the above needs space inside yourself. 🙂


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