Maltese creativity for your home and yourself

A shop that will be soon opening in Rabat is worth a visit if you are looking out for things that are designed and produced as well as finished at a local Maltese studio. is the address you have to remember. Their products vary from soft furnishings to clothing and they are all limited editions. The creations are illustrated by hand, collaged and subsequently printed.

The brands philosophy is the influence on their products by the Mediterranean surroundings as well as the vast cultural historic influences that other civilisations have had on the small beautiful island in the middle of the sea.

Silk scarves, wool scarves, pocket squares, ties, bow ties, cravats, eye masks and many more products are part of their offers.

And as we have mentioned furnishings – the newest collection of cushions come in silk as well as organic cotton twill featuring various trims and finishes.

And if your suitcase is packed with loads of other things – don’t worry! An e-commerce store will be opened soon and offer world-wide shipping!

If you can’t wait to have Maltese creativity for you and your home, feel free to check out their Facebook-Page.





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