My top 5 baby/toddler skin products

Normally I’m raving on about my favourite cosmetics and must haves and now that I’m adding some content for kiddies now and then, I thought I’d write about some of my favourite baby products.

I’ve chosen 5 top skin products that I genuinely think are fantastic and have worked really well for us l, since my son was born. He’s two now and we are still using them all. I bought in to the hype of everything (still do sometimes)being a first time Mammy, but these products are not any of the fad things… they have been in distribution for years and some, decades.

Disclaimer: I am talking from a personal stand point from my experience with the below products. Medical conditions should always be discussed with your doctor before using anything new.

Fun fact: Originally named soothing cream, the name was changed to suit the Dublin accent!
This is as old as it gets and is brilliant for anything from mild to medium nappy rash to drying out spots.
An all rounder to keep in any mammys arsenal! Its known that many people think sudocrem is the answer to everything! I’ve even seen it used as primer. It comes in many packages too, from travel size to jumbo!

Anyone with a tattoo is normally advised to use this after new ink.
It’s an ointment, targeted for severe nappy rash. Conor has gotten a bad rash once or twice during sick periods and this stuff literally clears it up almost before your eyes! Must have!

La Roche posay cicaplast
Another all rounder for the whole family, this wonder cream not only soothes irritated and itchy skin conditions, but is also great for chapped lips and dry skin on the face and to soothe bites and stings.

Mustela hair and body wash
This is all I use on my boy
It smells amazing, is gentle on the skin and hair and does not sting the eyes.
I’ve tried a few other bath products but have stuck to this.

Lidl Lupilu sensitive baby wipes
When Conor was born, I used water wipes and I do love them and the idea behind the brand, every time someone came to visit from Ireland, they’d fill a hand luggage for me because they are less than half the price there than here. You can pay up to €5 for a pack here which gets crazy pricey after a while, plus they aren’t sold everywhere.
Once we were out of the newborn stage, I tried them all and came to love the lidl sensitive wipes. They are only €1.59 for a big pack and when they do the xxl weeks they are the same price on bigger packs.
They don’t irritate the skin and have the perfect amount of wetness to give your bambino’s bum a good clean after even the most explosive gifts!

…. almost forget! I know this is 6, BUT, The bioderma cream for irritations around the mouth is fantastic too! I don’t use it that much but any time Conor has had a rash from teething or saliva, this clears it up in a jiffy!

Very basic products that all do the job!

Kim Kiernan

Makeup Artist & Beauty Columnist

Kim provides professional makeup services in Malta for any occasion, working in all areas of makeup including Bridal, photographic, television, film and special effects as well as teaching makeup lessons one to one and to groups. With over 10 years experience, Kim has worked with the biggest and most sought after brands in the industry, internationally with MAC, Smashbox and Estee Lauder in Dublin and Toronto and most recently, heading the MAC Cosmetics brand in it's launch in Malta.

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