New list of courses announced at Malta Society of Arts!

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The Malta Society of Arts will be offering more than thirty courses in the Visual, Applied and Performing Arts starting end of January 2018

Applications are now open for the Malta Society of Arts (MSA) courses, whose second semester of teaching will start at the end of January 2018. The MSA was the first arts organisation to offer arts education to local artists and it continues to this day to fulfill its role as promoter of the arts and of their educational value.

The list of courses is divided into the Visual, Applied and Performing Arts. In the Visual Arts section, interested individuals can apply for courses in Preparation for Art ‘O’ Level Course, Basic Photography and Editing, Clay Modelling, Art for Juniors (6-10yrs), Human Figure – Nude Art, Art for Leisure for Mature Students, Art for Leisure for Adults and the Art Workshops, which are informal gatherings for artists.

In the Applied Arts section, there is a long list of nineteen different courses which include Gilding, Crochet, Knitting, Lace Making, Dressmaking, Tailoring, Cross Stitch, Cut Work, Embroidery, Embroidery in Gold, Hansa, Hardanger, Cake Decorating, Cottage Crafts, Soft Furnishing, Ganutell, Monastery Works, Parchment and Patchwork. These courses are striving to ensure that some of our traditional Maltese arts and crafts do not die out and are passed on to new generations.

The last section is that for the Performing Arts, focussing mainly on music education, with lessons in Pianoforte, Guitar (Electric/Acoustic/Classical), Voice Studies (Pop & Classical) and the Violin.

Students who were already enrolled on the ongoing courses can renew their subsciption, while new ones who would like to join are encouraged to apply soon to secure their places. Courses are starting at the end of January and will continue until May, with the total number of lessons averaging at 12 sessions.

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