No, I didn’t come here to strip! – I

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No, I didn’t come here to strip!

-A Romanian’s True Story-

-Chapter 1-


Was I complaining about my life being boring? Did I lust for adventure, excitement and if possible, a better salary?

Well… my next employer delivered it all. I should have figured the PA position was not going to be the standard one, when my interview took place in a five-star hotel because that’s where he was renting office space. What can I say, the shiny fixtures in the walls distracted my attention long enough to say “Yes” without thinking.

Now, the good thing about me is that I’m not judgemental. I always see a positive. Give me a problem, I’ll make it a challenge.  The good thing about me…is also the bad thing about me.

Anyhow, spiritual thinking aside, after a month in which I worked two full-time jobs, I was really looking forward to relaxing by working one job. My boss however, had different plans.

All incoming phone calls to my boss were passing through to my phone, either because he couldn’t or more accurately, wouldn’t, answer. Looking back, I realize he was quite the popular fellow.  Paying your invoices a tad late does tend to make you quite the superstar.

My life was exciting for sure, between threats from the unpaid suppliers and my new beeping boyfriend, the phone. Let’s not mention the fact that some of my boss’ business partners would, on occasion, propose to “reward me generously” should I help them run him out of the businesses. All I had to do was drop my ethics and if possible, my clothes. I kindly declined.

I would lie if I didn’t admit I would toy with the idea every time I was sent on an errand with little or no instructions: ” Roxana, I want my stuff shipped from Romania to Malta.”

My mind in overdrive: ” What stuff? Where is the stuff? How do I ship the stuff? Where the hell is Malta?”

In appearance, shipping goods is simple. At least so I thought. I thought you paid someone to do everything for you.

Well, to my horror…my employer figured I was THAT person. Hence, if possible, he wouldn’t pay anyone else for anything.

Transporting goods means: forms, customs, loading, unloading, palletizing, authorizations…all stuff that sounded like Chinese to me as the shipping representative was trying to explain how it works. That put a dent in my “simple” shipping plan.

Well, here’s where my “I love people” bit, or the fact that I pull off a really natural Clueless/Helpless look, comes in handy.

After pleading with the representative of an electronics company, I had the man stay there long after office hours, just so I could pick up the washing machine that my employer wanted delivered from Romania to Malta. He also helped me load the washing machine into the delivery van.

I wasn’t so fortunate on other occasions. Once I had to rush out from a meeting, in order to unload deck materials. Let me mention I was wearing kitten heels and a business dress. Myself and the driver unloaded 200 planks from a van. That was a moment I thought “ My friends should see me now, I would be the envy of the crowd with this glamorous job”.

Kidding aside, I pulled off the delivery. I was tired, frustrated and wanted to throw my phone off a building.

I had unofficially quit my job about three times. The fourth time I brought up the subject of my resignation, my employer came up with a compromise: I would come to Malta and manage his new business and be able to focus on only one thing.

That meant no more PA duties. I was weary of his proposals by now, but although my intuition told me to let it go, it’s not in my character to let an opportunity pass by. I thought “Hey, what’s the worst that can happen? At least I’d have a holiday in Malta if things don’t work out.”

I was wrong. Oh, so wrong. (You might begin to see a pattern here :) )

– To Be Continued –

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