No, I didn’t come here to strip! – II

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No, I didn’t come here to strip!

– A Romanian’s True Story –

– Chapter II –

– Malta –

………….present day………….

Walking through the airport terminal, crisp white shirt & waist-high,nude, knee-length pencil skirt on, heels so high they stood a good chance of puncturing the floor, I tried to juggle my two mobile phones while rummaging through my bag for the third.

” They mostly get Romanian women coming to work as strippers in Malta,” my boss’ voice rang at the end of the line..

” I’ll send someone to pick you up so they don’t stop you at the gates. Use your charm on him, he’s someone I’m interested in doing business with” and on that note he hung up & managed to trample my ego all-in-one.

Not only was I probable to be mistaken for a stripper, I was also being used as an escort, to entertain my boss’ future working relationships. Fortunately, I don’t really care much for how others plan my life, and true to my nature, I agree with everyone and  then proceed to do things my way, thus, I wasn’t worried.

My boss’ potential business partner had been informed that I will be the one that stands out like a sore thumb in the terminal. He found me easily in the crowd of arriving passengers.

Luckily, the man proved to have a great character. I didn’t know it yet, but I felt at home.

………….3 months down the line…………..

My phone vibrated on the bed. It was late, and with half a heart I picked up my new 4S iPhone, courtesy of my new employer, hoping that my new job would not be similar to my old one, where my personal life was nonexistent.

” How are you child?” popped up on the screen, and I stared in disbelief.


………..8 months earlier…………

I walked alone, partly listening to the noise of the sea, partly enjoying the breeze, emerged in a complete state of gratitude. I was on such a high, I felt as if I was having an out-of-body experience.

Somehow, a passer-by decided that my look meant I want to be hit on, so he proceeded to be obnoxious and ignore my blatant “I’m not interested” look.

I mustered a half-smile and kept walking, trying to resume my high…I thought I heard him say something,turned around and noticed him with my friend’s bodyguard and one of the hotel staff. They looked as if they were guiding him away. I smiled and returned to the pool.

“For you child”… my friend’s voice boomed and I looked up to find him handing me a glass of rose. Dark skin and sharp green eyes, he’s an intimidating 6ft fellow to all others…to me, he was the person I felt safest with. He was always there for me, in the most subtle ways. Just like earlier, on the beach. Just like now, celebrating my move to Malta in a month’s time.


…………present day………….

I had no idea then, but he taught me so much about respect in a relationship. About space and trust. About what a man is to a woman. I never felt alone even though he was away a lot, he found a way to be there whenever I needed him. I felt respected. He never questioned my values. I was uncomfortable with the different financial situations between us, so he found a way to take my mind off it. He stopped wearing his two-tone Seamaster. Went out on foot, leaving his M6 in the garage..

He taught me that as long that I’m not given a reason to think otherwise, trust should be there. He taught me to leave my ego at home. We weren’t there to prove anything to anyone, not even to each other. Just to enjoy the time together. There was no game.

And, almost a year later, he’d find his way in my life again.

I phoned him, and even though time passed, we picked right where we left off. I was still his “child”. He was still one of the people who I was so grateful for. The conversation was short. We never needed much to understand one other.

I had left Romania to make my life easier, only to work more than before, unable to leave and with no choice but to suck it up. Alone, in another country, my life was dashing out more lessons than I could handle.

It was a good thing. My mindset had changed. People became more important to me than their choices. I had found support from the oddest of places. An escort had helped me stay in Malta. A drug addict helped me come to the realisation that as long as we think our problems are someone else’s fault, you can never fix them. That, and never loan money to one.

Alas, apart from my new-found realisations of self and the world, it just confirmed my belief that people are beautiful, no matter what they may be going through.

And the fact that I always make my life more difficult before making it easier. Little did I know, but that new iPad & iPhone package with my new job, were just another indication that things were about to get harder before getting better.


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