No, I didn’t come here to strip! – V

No, I didn’t come here to strip!

– A Romanian’s True Story –

– Chapter V –

-The Gambler –

Moved in with a Romanian guy to share a flat. Cut costs. He seemed nice. Two months later, 15 unanswered calls from yours truly to him and one message from one of his co-workers to myself, I find out he is 2,500 euros in debt, he hasn’t paid our rent or any utility bills and the landlord has no clue I am living there. I then stumble across medical notes signed by a psychiatrist, mentioning he is undergoing treatment for gambling problems. After a moment of silence to take all the information in, I’m feeling quite proud of myself. Hey, at least I didn’t date this one. Pat myself on the back twice. 

Anyhow, after some slight stalking of my nice neighbors, I manage to find out who my landlord is. I probably gave him all the information that there is about me, from where I work to my shoe size, my childhood pets and my favorite color, in order to persuade him to let me keep the apartment.

Ah, and no, we still do not know where my ex flatmate is, but I took the liberty of having his portrait drawn up, see below. Please pass on so that no one else rents a flat with this person:

An accurate picture of my ex flatmate. Should anyone find him.

An accurate picture of my ex flatmate. Should anyone find him.

Note to self: add ‘reference for mental sanity’ from doctor to the list of required documentation when applying to rent the room in my apartment.

Now, I’ve been in Malta roughly two years, changed 7 apartments and lived in 4 different localities. I have encountered landlords that thought it was okay to walk in on their tenants ( namely me), flatmates who believed they were having out-of-body experiences during the night and one delivery guy that walked 2 meters behind me, all the way from my work place to home, in order to get the courage to talk to me.

My outlook on life has always been a blessing. I do not believe in letting one bad situation change the way I see things. I don’t think that being afraid will ever protect anyone, hence, the only thing I can do, is be thankful that all the sticky situations I’ve been through have only ended up as great writing material.

I don’t take life seriously. Nothing that I have been through has ever been serious or truly challenging, but has been incredibly funny. Life will put us in ridiculous situations to keep us grounded.

A number of you have asked me to detail the people I write about in my stories. I won’t, mostly because I believe that one situation should not brand them for life. I’m just telling a story about a little glimpse I got of them,my experience of them, but I will not let my words influence their lives or create unnecessary labels about them.

Just because my experience of someone is not positive, the circumstances under which we meet are unfortunate, it does not mean those people are not amazing, does not mean they are not good, and it does not grant me the right to judge them. Their choices are their own. However, I can laugh about it all I want. Just saying’.

And on that note guys, I would like to thank you all so much for your support, for reading, for your kind words and attention, and announce the series is over. I was flattering myself that there is a book to be written, but come 5 articles later, and I’m looking to stir up some drama to post again.

Thanks again, I wish you all much love & light!

Happy Holidays!


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