No, I didn’t come here to Strip!

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No, I didn’t come here to Strip!

-A Romanian’s True Story-




Let me paint you a picture of myself. Tall, shapely woman, overdressed, a lot of make-up. Good features, wide smile, charming personality. First person to introduce herself in a group of strangers  & first one to disappear from a party.

I came to Malta in 2011, while working as the PA of an important Romanian business man.

Mere 6 months before, I had a mind-numbingly boring job as a PA in a Criminal Law office, and as much as my bosses tried, the criminal cases weren’t growing on me.

I admit, I met some interesting characters there, not far from dubious…from Romanian politicians who liked to send me messages via social media, to generously invite me into their beds… or illiterate men of Rrom ethnicity who’d leave me to guard their Thousand-Euro-Swarovski -Encrusted Vertus whenever they came by the office, paranoid the government was tapping their phones. Still, these men, whose dark skin bore scars, constant reminder of their past…would smile with their full set of gold teeth at me, say ‘thank you’ and kiss my hand whenever they came and left the office.

Heaven to earth difference between the humble Rroms and the arrogant politicians, whose attempts to impress me were by using words they couldn’t properly pronounce, let alone understand.

 I’m not particularly disciplined in diplomatic communication so I learnt fast to keep my mouth shut and smile often.

The job suited my personality, not my aspirations. Unfortunately, I had to grow up. I couldn’t play dress-up and smile forever.  The salary wasn’t keeping me flying on private jets either, so  there was a background noise of frustration slowly taking me over.

I had never seriously considered leaving, as I loved my bosses. Kind, respectful men, who in the absence of being able to motivate me professionally, left me to try to find other outlets.

 I became highly accustomed to social media. I had an account on everything under the sun.

I  got into spirituality and positive thinking, learnt about ‘ random kindness’. I transformed that into social media frenzy of ‘liking’ everything. Hell, if you were my friend, you could have posted that your mother just died and I would like your status( without actually reading it).

As frantic as my virtual life was, my real life was twice so. Between my work, social life and projects I had committed myself to, I barely slept 3 – 4 hours a night.

In the midst of all this, I wound up getting a job offer from a prestigious Romanian business man, to work as his PA. Everything happened fast, from interview to hiring. He interviewed me, knew he wanted me, doubled my salary and I started right away.  As I couldn’t just leave my employers in the air, I did what I did best, slept less, and handled two jobs for one month, my notice period.

I thought things would finally calm down once I could focus on only one job. I was wrong, oh, so wrong.


 – To Be Continued-






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