Of Land and Sea – A Mosaic Exhibition

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Raymond Aquilina and Flavia Marmarà are two of a just few Maltese artists specializing in mosaics.

Their second joined exhibition, titled Of Land and Sea, is a vibrant celebration of colour.  Flavia and Ray invite visitors to discover the beauty of broken pieces meaningfully assembled like tiny brushstrokes on a canvas. The artists draw inspiration from landscapes and the sea that surrounds them, other art forms, nature, and found objects. They use a range of media such as marble, porcelain and glass to create their original pieces.

The artist invite visitors to experience the beauty of their work and  appreciate the dedication and long hours necessary to produce each piece.

Raymond originally hails from Rabat and now lives in St Paul’s Bay. As a child growing up in Rabat, his fascination with the craft manifested itself in many a visit to the Roman Villa. There he would sneak a peek at the magnificent work that sparked his imagination and  admiration for the skill and hard work required to create this rich mosaic legacy.

Flavia has been drawn to the arts since childhood. She was initially encouraged by the frequent sight of her mother practising her painting – a cherished memory of early family days. Flavia attended art classes from a young age, absorbing the skills and nurturing her artistic spirit until work pressures demanded that she put aside her art for a while.

Flavia and Ray’s passion for creating mosaics took root about twenty-two years ago, after they signed up for a winter course at MCAST and they both instantly fell in love with the genre.

A brief but intense training experience at Luciana Notturni School of Mosaic in Ravenna, Italy furthered their skills. This fuelled their artistic energy which led them to their first joint exhibition. A common passion for this art and the artists’ diverse characters provoked them to scrutinise each other’s work. This helps them to continuously improve and perfect their work. The detail employed in each piece they create is testament to the their desire for perfection.

“Mosaic is a metamorphosis of broken pieces into a thing of beauty,” say the artists. “It fulfils a burning desire to be creative, releases the mind from the dullness of daily routine and transports us to a mythical world that absorbs us completely.”

OF LAND AND SEA – A Mosaic Exhibition by Raymond Aquilina and Flavia Marmarà
will be held at Ir-Razzett tal-Markiz in Mosta between Thursday 6th June and Saturday 22nd June 2019.

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