Parts of my heart

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There are those I love, just because I choose to love them. Because I have met them, and I feel blessed to know them.

There are those I love, because they made me fall in love with them, because I miss a part of me when they are gone.

There are those I love, because they own a part of my past, and a part of them is still with me.

…and…there I those I love because they transcend everything, no matter how far or how long ago we spoke, no matter what happened and no matter what is, the moment we meet, we understand each other.

There is no judgement, or questions to why we love each other, there is no choice in loving them as they seem to have always been there, there are no doubts that this love will ever cease to be, there is no missing because we carry one another in our hearts and there is no falling in love because falling out of love is not an option. .

Those persons that we connect to, and no matter whatever else is going on they just give you a feeling of affection & calm when you think of them.Those persons we feel completely secure with. I met one of them this Sunday, reason for which I want to dedicate this blog to all those that I share this bond with. I’m lucky enough to have more than one person.

They are definitely in my thoughts at all times, and parts of my heart, regardless of everything else. I wish everyone the same blessing.

Much love & light,


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