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Paul Scerri, one of the artists featured in’s online and print Artists’ Directory, is an artist of a few words. His work usually starts with a preconceived idea, always revealing the truth in terms of attitude and behaviour of certain people, particularly where injustice and narcissism is concerned. He expresses certain elements with symbols and metaphors that he learnt through his own experience towards humanity.

Paul excels in creating intrigue, and in depicting stereotypical characters, whilst delicately adding notions of injustice and narcissism. His sculptures are free to individual interpretations. His works depict a metaphor of emotions that devour our society, human vulnerability and flaws.

Paul Scerri’s upcoming exhibition is titled An Accidental Find. A sequel to Running with Scissors, these are figures that are both aesthetic and chorological to emotional anecdotes. The works express cultural, social, and personal issues, a therapeutic way to portray what lies within. The facial expressions together with the objects and symbols embedded in the figures convey a subtle and spiritual meaning, a story, “an episode that enhanced or scarred my perception of life. They visualise a metaphor of emotions devouring society, the human vulnerability and imperfections. The natural beauty is paying the price of human greed and my endless questioning of what is correct or ‘socially correct’ … a difficult choice…”

An Accidental Find launches on Friday 17th November at 8pm at the INIALA5 Galleries, Old Treasury Street, Valletta and runs until 16th December

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