Pay it forward

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I’m a great believer in random kindness. I believe love generates more love, positive action generates further positive action and so on.

I believe that in essence, people are good. Wonderful. Beautiful. 

Most often, it’s a mix of difficult circumstances and wrong reactions that lead us to label people as bad. But that’s just a moment in time to which we apply a label and expect it to be forever so. How silly.

I’ve been seeing for quite a while the miracles that one person’s random kindness can produce. Like a snowball effect, barely visible and fragile in the beginning, it spirals into something bigger and bigger…

I’ve seen charities being born out of pure desire to help,from people who had no experience in such work, I’ve seen strangers take strangers into their homes, I’ve seen incredible sensitivity & generosity coming from people the world labels as bad.

Kindness is not a weakness.People seem to confuse the two concepts. Misunderstanding kindness for allowing or condoning others’ wrongful behavior is farthest from the truth possible. Allowing someone to abuse you isn’t kindness, it’s begging for approval. That’s an insecure individual.

Kindness is a strength. It takes courage. It takes selflessness. It takes work. It takes humility. It takes wisdom. It takes patience. It takes love. It takes unconditional support.

People aren’t bad. They’re scared. Insecure. Unhappy.

A kind individual is sincere. Free. It brings the freedom to act your life out without marching to the beat of anyone’s drum, all without hurting anyone on your way there. Kindness does not impose, expect or demand. It is allowing. Allowing yourself to see, hear and understand without labeling. Allowing others the freedom to make their own choices.

 Effortless, like a drop into the water of a lake, it pays forward into ripples…

Just like smiling at a stranger. Take that and pay if forward. See what happens. :)

Much love, light & blessings,


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