Pottery workshop for rainy season

I heard that you are looking for new creative hobby or something to do on a rainy day? Well, you can stop looking, because I just finished ceramic workshop and all I have is praise.


Two months ago, I started going on pottery classes from ALKA Ceramics Malta, which is located in Ta’ Qali Crafts Village in the centre of Malta. The Ta’ Qali Crafts Village is full of craft shops and handicrafts specialising in glass, pottery, stones and jewellery. The easiest way there is by bus number 56. Now more about the classes.


The workshop costs €100 and you are paying for 8 lessons, tools and professional help and instructions. The materials (clay and paint) aren´t included, but five kilos of clay cost “just” €5 and you can borrow paint for small fee. I had lessons from 11am to 1pm on Mondays, but you don´t have to go on eight Mondays in a row, but it´s better when you do.

As a first project, I started with a profile portrait. Sounds scary to you? Well, you are right, it is. It´s probably the most difficult thing you can do there, but don´t worry, when I made it, you can too. On this project, you are trying and learning all the techniques and possible styles. The profile took me two whole lessons to make. Then it went to dry and when it was ready it was fired in the oven. Then I could do ceramics bust, but I chose to make more small things that take less time to make. I did mug, flowerpot, decorative plate, and much more.


The atmosphere in class is super friendly and heart-warming. Jesmond, Joan and the whole crew are ready to help and advise with anything. During the first classes, you get a tour through the workshop and the process of making pottery.

Iva Svitakova

Iva is a student from Czech Republic, who is going to spend 3 months here in Malta, thanks to Erasmus+. She loves reading, crafting, and spending time with her family and friends. She cannot wait to see the world because it has so much to offer. She indulges with good cinnamon dessert, silly movies, and second-hand shopping.

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