Prayer of choice

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I choose to believe rather than live in doubt.

I choose to trust. My life, my course, my intuition and the world around me. Fear does not protect. Fear sets limits within ourselves.

I choose to love. I choose to do so unconditionally.

I choose to forgive. To forgive myself for every time I chose differently.

I choose to let go, because I do not own the problems of the world.

I choose to take responsibility for my life, because I’m not a victim.

I choose to see problems as challenges. I choose to produce, create and envision my life. I choose to believe that there are no limits outside the ones I set for myself.

I choose to believe only the best, because I can create from there.

I choose to allow myself freedom, and more so, to allow freedom to all those around me. I choose to be at peace with their choices, their lives and behold my own. I choose to empathise.

I choose to love people, but to let them go when they are no longer compatible with my journey.

I choose the present moment, not my past and not my future, because in truth, the present moment is always the place I will be in.

I choose to be grateful. I choose to surround myself with only that which resonates my freedom. I choose not to label, identify, constrain, condition.

I choose to see my life by my own standards.

I choose to listen without judgement.

I choose to be transparent.

I choose peace over my ego.

I choose patience. Understanding. Kindness.

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