Rainy Day Toddler Activities DIY

Rainy Day Activities DIY

It’s been a month of sticky heat as well as stormy weather, typical of the Maltese seasons slowly transitioning.
Traffic is always mental on rainy days so doing things with your toddler can be a struggle.
I’m always on Pinterest with great intentions to try new things but never end up doing them, if I’m honest.

I decided, given the weather, that it was time to try out my pins! I went to my local Tal Lira (Malta’s one stop pound shop, in case you didn’t know) and made a bee line for the kids and stationary section before I got distracted by all the storage I didn’t need to buy!

I picked up loads of bits and pieces from markers to coloured paper, as well as sticker books and felt materials all for under €20 and they’ll last me ages!

Below are the diy activities I did with Conor. My little boy is 19 months so I kept that in mind and tailored some things to suit him… that’s the beauty of making up stuff your self.

Sensory glitter bottles
When I was a kid I loved
things like snow globes! All I did here was mix a vile of glitter from the multipack with water and a drop of baby oil… in hindsight, I think the baby oil wasn’t necessary but we still had fun shaking the bottle and watching the glitter flow around
You could even do this with rice or flour Make sure the bottle is sealed very well.

Colour Matching
So easy! I drew a few circles and coloured them in the shades of the felt balls I’d bought. Conor had way more fun throwing the balls around but it still got his attention for a while so it’s something I’ll do with him a few times a week.

Shape Matching with numbers
The same concept as above, but with shapes. I cut out a few shapes and had some sticky felt numbers which I stuck beside them.

Make pancakes! I found this great recipe for traditional, sweet and buttery pancakes (https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/21014/good-old-fashioned-pancakes/)that I will be sticking to from now on. They are so good, you can eat them plain without toppings… I still added toppings and made a couple with blueberries too! Nom!

Another great way to stay occupied on a rainy day is to read to your child. The fantastic book “What a Cloudy Day” can be dowloaded from the App Store for only €2.39
One of the great things about this adorable story, is that you can choose to read yourself or have it read to you while you are doing other activities.

All went well and Conor was interested in his new activities but given his age he got distracted easily and ended up doing his own thing with all the bits and bobs and I left him to it! I think older toddlers
might sit for longer (or maybe not, worth a shot)
So easy and keeps the tots busy,
… not that they’re not great at keeping busy themselves, destroying everything in sight! I actually found it quite relaxing too. There are so many options to think of yourself and with shops like tal lira, you will get lots of ideas.

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