Rationale does not enter here

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There comes a point where you just care and rationale does not enter that.

The point where the world loses its depth.

The point when you become so immersed in someone else that you let yourself go.

The point where your feelings are so powerful doubts dissipate in their presence.

The point where your wishes become building blocks for something more important.

That point where the need for harmony becomes stronger than your ego.

Where assumption does not dare tread over trust.

The point where you don’t want to figure the world out anymore.

The point where you drain every ounce of you to put it into what you feel.

That moment where each “Thank you” becomes a prayer of gratitude.

That moment where the world questions your sanity and you do not question anything anymore.

That point of continuous peace created by the trust between you.

That moment where distance makes no difference, because you carry that person inside you.

The moment where truth becomes a relative notion.

There comes a point where you just care and ration does not enter that.

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