Reading – A toddlers tale!

Reading – A toddlers tale!

The importance of reading to children isn’t a secret, a wealth of benefit from a young age, getting their imaginations flowing, calming them down, making part of a routine, developing language, the list is endless.

I was aware of this and got a bit deflated when Conor would get distracted easily or just pull the book off me and tear some pages out or colour all over his new books! But as with most of it, of course this is normal and you can’t expect your toddler to sit quietly and be attentive to your every word like you see in the movies! Especially in the toddler years. Simply just having books available and in sight is a great way to start getting them interested.

All that being said, we still have our favourite books that Conor will reach for when I tell him to pick one out!

Sometimes I’ll ask him does he want me to tell him a story and as soon as I give him a line, he will take over and start spinning me his own little tale! I should write some of the stuff down because he is hilarious!

Here our my little boys favourite books from classics to em… not so classic!

  1. The Tiger who can to Tea by Judith Kerr – by far his favourite since my dad had the Christmas animated special on repeat last year, I bought him the classic book from book depository. The Tiger who came to tea is easy to follow and has many pictures
  2. The hungry caterpillar – he loves listening to this audiobook on YouTube and I think it’s because the narrator has a soothing voice and it’s next in my list to purchase the hard copy.
  3. We can’t forget cumilous! Moniques ebook “What a cloudy day” is listened to on car journeys and I love it because it’s fun but educational at the same time!
  4. The lidl Magazine! I posted a pic of him reading this online and a friend said it reminded her of her kids reading the Argos catalogue back in the day! I too remember doing this. It is actually great for them because it’s basically a free picture book and he loves pointing out the food he knows. Then when we are at the supermarket he points them out even more.

Those are his current favourites! He has many picture books and sound books too which I also think is great.

We get most online and find The model shop also has a good selection.

Happy reading, listening, colouring!

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