Reason behind it all

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You see, I believe that everything happening, NEEDS to happen. I believe things are the way they should be.

If you are in my life, you’re here for a reason. I believe you touch and influence my life, because this is the way it should be. No matter how brief your presence should be, you are my teacher. No matter how little, I am yours too.

Things fall together in our lives as if it was raining pieces of a puzzle. Know that things are the way they should be. Don’t second guess, don’t doubt yourself.

You are perfect as you are, there is nothing more you need, nothing to change, to be something other than what you already are. PERFECT.

I’m a fickle natured child. I’ve made peace with it. I’m in love with the woman inside me, so this way, I can love you all without wanting to…

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