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Ryan Falzon is a 28-year-old  with a variety of interests which include visual arts, punk rock, some 80’s electronic stuff, and literature. 

How did you get started?
Though I doubt I can trace that precise moment when I started getting involved in the arts, there are definite or memorable moments, such as starting art school or going to a life changing exhibition. For me, getting started in the Arts was a solitary process. Issues of anger towards some aspects of society, and a feeling of rejection when trying to be true to myself were strong stimuli to get me immersed in Art. If you are happy with your disco and your Instagram account, why complicate life with Art?

What genre do you consider your work to be?
Somewhere between German Expressionism, Neo Expressionism, Pop Art and
Raw Art. Having said that, I continuously seek new influences that I feel reflect a contemporary expression.

Describe your work in less than 10 words.
A Ramones song under the Mediterranean sun

Where was your first exhibition held?
First solo was at the Maritime Museum, Birgu, in 2014. It was called Ex Voto and consisted of lino prints and paintings.

How long have you been practising your art?
Around 8 years, including the college years. And no, I didn’t start doing masterpieces as soon as I could hold a pencil.

Which is your favourite from among your own artworks?
A never-exhibited piece, titled “The State of Ever Changing Mind”, 2013

Whose artist’s work are you most inspired by?
Too many to mention. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
Auto mechanic, for sure. I would definitely be the owner of some pimped up
Retro classic with a rocket engine.

What is the epitome of happiness for you?
Tranquility of solitude.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am currently working on solo exhibition entitled “We Lost the War”, opening in January 2017 at St. James Cavalier. This is a themed series of large-scale paintings dealing with inner conflict and manifestation of physical violence. I am developing a style that is both narrative and expressionist. The narrative reflects the way I am grounded in local references; the style is expressionist with bright southern colours and grand gestures, also reflected in the scale of the paintings which are the largest I have worked on to date.

Are you a morning person or do you come alive at night?
Either a very early rise and shine attitude or an all-nighter, nothing in between.

How many coffees a day? Don’t embellish.
One a day, or else I get too nervous to function.

Sundays can be very productive for some and very unproductive for others.
How do you spend yours?
Usually very productive. Either after a Saturday night in or with a massive hangover, I’ll work.

Wine and cheese. Yes or no?
I’ll skip the cheese, just the wine.

If you were given a million euros, what would you indulge yourself with?
I’ll just retreat from life, so if you like my works, ideally don’t give me such amount, at least not at once. I’ll get myself some boys’ toys for sure… guns classic Fords, gold, couple of artworks, place of my own and a strong will not to work again in my life. And that’s it.

Favourite place to holiday?
Berlin. And my studio, it’s a state of vacation there.

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