See and experience handcrafted Maltese glassware

Mdina glass turned 50 this year. Opened in 1968, as one of the first glass company’s in Malta, it’s variation of man-made pieces expanded rapidly since then. The glass factory offers a big selection of objects to furnish your room with, like candleholders, clocks, fused vases and many more highly finished objects.

The artists that work at Mdina Glass do not only blow the glass, they do shape it as well, which makes every piece a unique handcrafted object for your home.  Their high standards, quality and unique designs have attracted people from all around the world that who do shop and visit at the store in Ta’ Qali. Another reason the visit the store in Ta’ Qali is that they allow visitors to attempt a glass workshop, that gives them an insight into the world off glass-crafting mechanics.

An online-shop made their business international. Shipping to all places around the world is offered at reasonable rates. Tours are available.


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