Shiatsu at Sanya

I went to Sanya in Naxxar to have a Shiatsu massage, I didn’t know what one was nor what were the benefits are.

Shiatsu means « finger pressure », this massage consists of making pressure by thumbs and palms on specific points of the body and stretching techniques.

This rebalances energies and the body in general: tension, anxiety and stress can be reduced, calm and tranquility can be established.


I went to this massage wearing a leggings and a tee shirt, in natural materials. It’s better to remove necklaces, rings, or big jewellery for a better massage and so that the therapist can touch every area that needs to be treated.

I first arrived in a room with a lovely smell of incense. The treatment is done on a soft cotton mattress placed on the floor with rolled towels. All throughout the massage, you have a really relaxing and Zen music.

Before starting, the therapist asked me how she could help me, I told her that my back was hurting because of surfing…..  During the treatment, the therapist will ask you to lay on your side, then on your back, belly and you will have a head massage at the end. She will press on your nerves, muscles and sensible points on your body which will revive your energies.

At the end of the massage, the therapist gives you time to rest and relax a bit more, you can enjoy the sauna, hammam and spa after your massage or even drink or eat something healthy at Sanya’s kitchen.

After the massage, you feel more comfortable in your body, you have this sensation of feeling light and rested.


The price is 65€ for 60 minutes.

You can book you Shiatsu therapy here :

Sanya Spa (At Hilltop Gardens)

Triq L-Inkwina,Naxxar

+356 21436936

Clara is 20 from Paris, France. She’s modelled since her childhood, she became an influencer on social medias at age 18 under the name of @surferchild, with more than 50 000 followers. She’s also a musician, her first single ‘Sweet Desire’ came out in July 2019


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