Last week I visited Sanya in Naxxar to have a Shiatsu massage. Not knowing what this type of massage was, and the benefits of it, I was pleasantly surprised and left feeling calm and tranquil.

Shiatsu means finger pressure. The massage consists of making pressure by thumbs and palms on specific points of the body and using stretching techniques.

This technique re-balances energies and the body in general and as a result, tension, anxiety and stress can be reduced.

I went to this massage wearing a pair of leggings and a t-shirt, as the massage is done fully clothed. It’s better to remove necklaces, rings, or big jewellery for a better massage, so that the therapist can touch every area that needs to be treated.

I made myself comfortable in a treatment room that had a lovely smell of incense. The treatment is done on a soft cotton mattress placed on the floor with rolled towels. All throughout the massage there is very relaxing and zen music playing, which helped me relax even further.

Before starting, the therapist asked me how she could help me, and I told her that my back was hurting because of surfing. During the treatment, she asked me to lay on my side, back and belly and used techniques to relieve the tension in my back. She then ended the treatment with a head massage.

At the end of the massage, the therapist gives you time to rest and relax a bit more. You can then enjoy the pool, sauna and steam room after your massage or even drink or eat something healthy at Sanya’s bar.

After the massage, I felt more comfortable in my body, and had this sensation of feeling light and rested.

The price is 65€ for 60 minutes.

You can book your Shiatsu therapy here:

Monique Chambers

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