Spa Etiquette – The right way to unwind and relax

Spa Etiquette

There is no better place than a spa to allow yourself to close your eyes, unwind and relax and recharge yourself from today’s hectic life. Not considered so much an indulgence any more but a necessity to strike the right balance and enjoy inner peace.

Not knowing how to behave appropriately in an environment that expects you to be very courteous and respectful towards others’ needs to de-stress, can make you feel most uncomfortable and eat away from your time to connect with your inner self.

Here are a few frequently asked questions answered, to ensure your visit to a spa is exceptional for all the right reasons:

How should I prepare myself?

Before arriving at the spa, make sure to shower before and avoid arriving sweaty for your treatment. You would usually have access to showers before the treatment so ask before to avoid the embarrassment of being told to go and shower.

Being well mannered and courteous to staff and fellow clients goes without saying.

Think about tipping the staff. Ideally you would have thought of this before arriving to make sure you have enough money on you.

Know that mobile phones are best kept in your allocated locker. Check spa rules because they may not be allowed. If no rules mention this and you really need to keep it with you, then it should be on silent with vibration settings also off.

Try to avoid wearing too much make-up and jewellery as you would need to remove both before treatments.

Have a light lunch and adequate drink to keep you hydrated but not too much that would make you visit the bathroom in the middle of a treatment.

Do not book a facial or an exfoliating massage at the spa on a day when you have a special occasion. Some treatments may leave you with a bit of redness for a couple of hours

What time should I arrive at the spa?

Depending on what type of treatment you booked and whether you are a new customer at the spa, it is advisable to arrive earlier than your allocated time. A note to keep in mind is that if you suffer from any condition, have an injury or ailment, it is advisable to inform the therapist at the time of booking. Allow enough time to register yourself, change and find your way around to be able to make it a few minutes before your appointment. Being late at a spa is not welcome as this would disrupt the rest of the appointments and would also start you off in anything but relaxed. In the eventuality that something does crop up and you anticipate a delay, call the spa or your therapist at the earliest as they may reschedule another appointment during your slot and move yours.

Time to unwind, time to chat?

No, not at the spa unless you’re lounging by the pool area with a friend. And even there, keep noise levels down. Chatting to your therapist during your treatment is also not encouraged. Take the opportunity to close your eyes and connect with your inner self. Dimmed lights, scented candles and soft music will ease you in.

Any tips for behaviour while at the spa?

Before we mentioned lounging by the pool area. As much as you would love to, jumping, splashing or diving are a no no. Read pool area rules on arrival and respect them. Before going in, shower and when ready, shower again especially if you are off to a treatment after.

Common relaxation areas, changing rooms and showers are to be left clean and orderly. If you are wearing a robe and need to take it off, do so without tossing or throwing it.

Lastly, remember that a visit to the spa should be a time devoted only to yourself, to enhance your wellbeing. So take this opportunity and enjoy a few moments of peace – because as soon as you head out, you’ll probably be back on the road in traffic and stress starts to kick in again.

Ramona Galea

Ramona is an International Etiquette Coach and an avid believer of the importance these soft skills have nowadays. This passion kicked off from a young age when she questioned why elbows couldn’t stay on the table and her inquisitiveness continued and she founded First Class Etiquette, to address the developing need for people’s understanding of the importance of international business and social etiquette. It really is not just about elbows but confidence, attitude, assertiveness and knowing the how, the when and the why we do things. Amongst her hectic schedule, her two biggest indulgences are travelling with her family and reading with an Aperol Spritz in quiet surroundings - just being away from it all to de-stress.

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