Spooky Halloween in Malta

Looking for some good Halloween party? Or costume? And what about some fresh inspiration? Here I am with all those information in one place.

In the begging I think we all need to get properly into Halloween mood. Here is a list of things you should do to tune up the atmosphere:


1. Watch some classic Halloween movie such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, Ghostbusters or The Adams Family

2. Decor your place! Candles can handle this job pretty well but don’t forget to add soome spice.

3. Carve out the pumpkins. If I should say out loud first thing what comes to my mind when someone says Halloween, it would be this.

4. Try some spooky cooking and cocktails. My most favourite is pumpkin soup and themed gingerbreads.

5. Explore some scary places in Malta. If you are brave enough, these places are just for you:

  • Villa Sans Souci, Splendid Hotel, Dar ix-Xjaten
  • whole article about Malta’s Most Haunted Spots here

6. Prepare for the upcoming party! I will help you with this one.


First, we need an idea. Search the internet, YouTube, and my personal favourite Pinterest, and find few costumes you would like to recreate. Write a list of things you need for the costumes, and we can move to the next point.

Now, when we got more specific thoughts, we should try to work with stuff what we already have. Open your closet and take out everything good you find. If you don’t find anything wearable, don´t run to the shop, but ask your friends or family members about it. If you don’t have the piece in your closet already, you don’t probably need it and won´t wear it so much.

Mix of tips you could find useful as well:

  • recreate your old Halloween costume
  • “normal” clothes + crazy makeup = also the way
  • buy missing items for your costume in second hand – better for your pocket and our planet
  • DIY – find some tutorial on YouTube and produce your own costume
  • last minute costumes ideas: vampire, witch, movie characters – for example Regina George, skeleton, ghost…




Last advice, and now read carefully. Don´t forget to think about how your costume will look like at 2am in the morning after the whole rollercoaster of drinks. Will it handle it and still look the same? Yeah, I don´t think so, so come to the party with a good costume but also a good backup plan.

Now is time for events you can attend this year. Are you into Halloween screening or South Valletta Ghost tour? Or do you want to spend night on good old classic party? Click here and here and choose the right event just for you and your friends. See you there!


All photos are used for an inspiration.

Iva Svitakova

Iva is a student from Czech Republic, who is going to spend 3 months here in Malta, thanks to Erasmus+. She loves reading, crafting, and spending time with her family and friends. She cannot wait to see the world because it has so much to offer. She indulges with good cinnamon dessert, silly movies, and second-hand shopping.

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