Surfing in Malta

In Malta, you can surf depending on the wind and the direction of it. During summer, you can take a lot of beautiful shots for Instagram!

The 3 best surf spots in Malta:

Ghaijn Tuffieha and Golden Bay
In the North West of the island, these beaches are the most popular for swimming during summer months. During the winter, is it crowded with surfers, conditions are great with a wind from the east. Those spots are great for beginners and more experienced surfers.
The wind usually comes from the North West and is the favorite spot for advanced surfers who wants to ride bigger waves!

St Thomas Bay
Located in the south east of the island, this is a paradise for windsurfers and surfers. It is a reef break location that’s good for intermediate to advanced surfers, depending on how strong the southwesterly wind is blowing and the size of the waves. They can be very big because of this South West wind but they tend to be slower than northern surfing spots.

This is a reef break surf location that comes with a north-easterly wind. Waves can be 4 meters depending ont the wind. The location is perfect for advanced surfers and it is also popular with windsurfers.

In Malta, you’ll only need a 3/4 wetsuit during the cold months (October-April), the rest of the time you can enjoy it with your bikini or short!

The Maltese’s surf community is quite big; you can find surf groups easily on Facebook and Instagram “Malta Surf Crew by Cicco” is the most popular one. They usually explore the coastline and plan their surf according to the maritime forecasts. Join the crew!

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