The Comedy Knights Celebrate (Almost) 10 Years of Laughter with New Book

Christmas comedy fans of Malta, ‘welkim, welkim’ – The Comedy Knights have released a book in the run-up to its upcoming 10th year anniversary show, The Comedy Knights: Ten Years of Laughter.

Created by cast member Jo Caruana, You’ve Been Watching – 10 Years of Laughter with The Comedy Knights shares never-before-seen backstage photos, secret scripts and untold stories from the last 10 years (or rather, 10 editions, for the eagle-eyed and maths-minded) of Malta’s much-loved alternative adult comedy festive fixture. 

“This book has been on the cards for a long time,” says Ms Caruana. “As a magazine editor for much of my ‘other’ life, I could see early on just how many stories, photos and memories we were collecting as a group. Life on stage is one thing. But life backstage? That’s where the magic happens. We’ve had some fun, let me tell you. And we wanted our audiences to get the chance to take a sneak peek behind the curtain.”

With the lack of alternative adult comedy in Malta at that time – and the pantomime’s popularity over the Christmas period – the Comedy Knights burst onto the scene in 2013. 

“We remember wondering if there was appetite for something other than family-friendly satirical fairy tales at Christmas?” recall The Comedy Knights producers Chris Dingli, Wesley Ellul and Marc Cabourdin. 

“It literally started as a bunch of friends putting on a show,” the producers go on. “We had – and have always had – no agenda other than that of making people laugh. Over the years, we’ve gone down some side roads, taken a few missteps and faced some unexpected challenges. But, overall, it’s been a journey full of laughter, fun and happy memories. This book is an elaborate ‘tenk you’ to our team, both on stage and off, our families, friends, colleagues, suppliers, sponsors, advertisers, press, public relations people, editors, interviewers, writers, venues, collaborators, contributors and guests. But most of all, it’s a thank you to our audiences. It’s as much our celebration of you as it is a book about us. Actually, no, it is mostly about us, but still… Thank you all for helping make the show what it is today.”

The book is available to buy now and will be delivered before Christmas. Get yours at Meanwhile, to book tickets for The Comedy Knights: Ten Years of Laughter, which plays at Sir Temi Zammit Hall from December 26 to January 7, visit


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