The Egypt Horse Project

sad horseThe Egypt Horse project is a non-profit organisation aiming to make a long term difference to the lives of people and working animals in Cairo, and hopefully across the rest of Egypt. This is especially important during the huge upheaval in recent times, where tourism has drastically dropped and related businesses are struggling to make a living.

They take care of horses in need found in the streets of Cairo and nurse them back to a good state, as well as talk to the owners.

The Egypt Horse Project aim to work closely with other animal welfare charities throughout Cairo, as well as people living locally. In this way, they are likely to get a better picture of who needs what and how the charity is impacting on the demand of certain items. In this way, they hope to build a network of trusted benefactors, including shops, saddlers and seamstresses.

Any local person in Cairo who needs help will be given it to the very best of their ability. They do not have their own office, clinic or stables, and so creating a close-knit community which they can depend on is extremely important. Working with other organisations and pooling their resources and skills is their best bet at making a difference.

Currently, The Egypt Horse Project is not a registered charity, however they aim to begin the registration process as soon as they receive £6,000pa in donations.

Your donations will be spent where it is most needed, and to reflect this they will post monthly accounts to show where each donation goes and is spent. If you purchase an item from their shop, it will then be purchased in Cairo to hand out to those who need it.

For more information, do not hesitate to ask them a question – comment on their Facebook page, message them, or email them at

Donations can be made to

Bank Account Details-

HSBC 40-13-07 sort code

92288869 Account Number


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