The Malta National Aqaurium

We’ve been filling our mornings with early swims at our local Wied Iz-Zurrieq so naturally my little boy, now 3, is beginning his fascination with the sea. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful swimming area on our door stop.

I’ve been wanting to take my son to The Malta National aquarium for some time now so this seemed the perfect opportunity, seen as the interest is there, so after our morning dip, we went home and got ready for our visit to see all the beautiful creatures in Qawra.

Let me start by saying it was a blistering hot day so doing something inside as an afternoon activity came as a relief.

There is a handy car park which is great for easy access.

All Covid measures were being followed and the set up is very organised with friendly staff who explain things to you and give you a map to follow once you’re down under!

I knew Conor would be fascinated because it was his first time in such a place but I was equally in awe of the beautiful set up – it’s been many a year since I was at an aquarium so the difference was amazing and also “, the setting was very therapeutic.

From Jellyfish to clownfish, lobsters to turtles, the variety of ocean life seems endless and Is spread out in zones throughout your tour shown on the map.

You can also scan the qr code on the information plaque next to the zone you are viewing for more information about the creatures housed in that particular area of the aquarium.

The zones have names in honour of notable places in Malta such as Blue Grotto, Dingli cliffs and St. Paul’s island to name a few.

Fun fact! Jellyfish are more closely related to corals and anemones than fish.

When we finished we took a lift up to the main floor which brings you in to the lovely gift shop and of course Conor picked up a few little creatures to add to his collection.

The staff in the gift shop were super friendly, which is always nice.

Our belly’s were rumbling at this stage so we decided to try the in house restaurant “la Nave” and weren’t disappointed.

It’s set up very well, spacious and airy with a stunning view of the sea.

The menu has something for everyone including the kids and Conor had his favourite creamy pasta, I had calamari fritti and the two of us shared and devoured a brownie for desert.

I would definitely recommend going this time of year if you have a free afternoon as it’s both fun and a feast for the eyes….and the kids learn a lot too!

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