The MSA’s Perception: Postscripts exhibition – we meet some of the artists (Part 1)

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Tomorrow, the Malta Society of Arts will launch its members’ exhibition titled Perception: postscripts – a continuation of the work which was started last year inspired by the theme of multi-sensoriality as established by the international project AMuSE. This year’s show will feature participants who showcased their work in last year’s exhibition; together with numerous other artists who will join this collective for the very first time. spoke to some of the returning artists. 


Kamy Aquilina – AGONY

KAMY AQUILINA is a Fine Artist based in Malta. In 2011 she graduated with a B.A. Hons Degree in Fine Arts (MCAST in collaboration with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft). Kamy’s work, a sound installation, was last exhibited in Shifting Context 2018. Kamy has been working in the field of art education since 2014.


Describe your work in 10 words or less.

Multisensory art, space, colour and narrative.

Tell us a little bit about Perception: Postscripts; and your exhibit.

Perception: Postscripts is the second MSA Members’ exhibition curated by Roderick Camilleri. We had several workshops throughout the year in which artists were able to discuss and share different ideas. The MSA presents artists with the opportunity to grow, by presenting new challenges that have contributed to my personal artistic development, thus enabling me to produce more mature artworks.

My inspiration for the theme in itself, ‘Agony’ came from a personal journey through the pain I experienced in my right foot and leg. The lights will be switched on by an ‘Arduino’ and the installation consists of a motion sensor devise that detects physical movements. This represents the pattern of the pain, on and off: and when it is on, unfortunately, the pills and injections will switch it off…

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

I would be a Cinematographer.

Favourite colour and what it means to you…

I love all colours but green my favourite. Green is the colour of nature. It also reminds me of Spring. For me, green symbolizes growth, harmony, peaceful and freshness.

What is your favourite indulgence?

My favourite indulgences are swimming, snorkelling and exploring different cultures.


Josian Bonello – NUTS ‘N’ BOLTS

JOSIAN BONELLO is a full-time graphic designer at Heritage Malta, mainly designing interpretation panels, graphic displays and posters.

When and how did you get started?

As a child, my main joy was drawing and the passion for art grew with me. As a young adult, I chose to study art and history of art and I extended my studies in graphic design. Today, working hand in hand with art collections and exhibitions of all kinds expands my interest in art.

Describe your work in ten words or less.

In an aesthetical way, my work delivers a message in visual arts.

Tell us a little bit about Perception: Postscripts; and your exhibit.

Perception: Postscripts is an opportunity for participating artists with different skills. Workshops with the curator helped us to expose new ideas in an innovative way.
The ‘nuts and bolts’ exhibit evolved from a thought of an everyday situation. The outcome result is based on an essential structure, from abstract to tangible. This idea is transformed into a hands-on kinetic sculpture which the visitor can interact.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

As a profession, a PE Teacher… I love sports and physical education. A career through which I would be able to help children develop physical abilities and healthy habits. For pleasure, I would be a traveller…I love nature and history, and I would travel around the world to discover nature and culture.

Favourite colour, and what it means to you…

Purple. I see both warm and cold colours in it. It gives me a balanced feeling, sense of courage and victory.

What is your favourite indulgence?

Being in nature, sea and land elevates the colours of my spirit. This helps me to transfer colour to art.


KATEL DELIA is French and is also deeply attached to her Maltese origins, having lived and worked between Malta and Paris since 2016. She creates installations combining photography, sculpture and writing. Katel believes that the traces of the past reflect into the present while she is also very curious about the perception of the space and marine environment.

When and how did you get started?

As a teenager, I used to visit a lot of museums on my own. In 1999 I completed my DNSEP degree at the Beaux-Arts in Rennes (France). Even if, at first, I worked in IT, I had still one foot in art. For more than 5 years, now, I have been exhibiting my work, and I manage to do it regularly in Malta or in Paris.

Describe your work in 10 words or less?

Multi-disciplinary artist, installation, transmission, heritage, humanist, environment.

Tell us a little bit about Perception: Postscripts; and your exhibit.

Last year, I had the chance to be part of the first exhibition Perception. I had to think about how my work can fit and be relevant to the theme, thanks to the workshops leading up to the exhibition. It got me out of my comfort zone since I had to think differently from when I organized something on my own. I am very grateful to the curator Roderick Camilleri.
Being part of an artistic NGO presents the opportunity to exchange and question with other’s artistic thoughts, share the difficulties faced as an artist, and celebrate together our successes.

Also, being part of an artistic NGO, you add value to the artistic community and help in its development, learn and defend our rights as artists.

This year, I present an interactive and evolutionary photographic installation “Biased Equilibrium” composed of more than 700 photos of fragments of nature giving to see a peaceful landscape. Visitors, if they wish, can remove one photo from the mosaic, but little by little, a new image would seem more oppressive. When will we stop speculating on nature?

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

An author

Favourite colour and what it means to you…

Since, my childhood I love violet, without knowing is the colour of feminists. I am feminist!  Violet is also for me a mix of red – passion; and blue – the sea that I am particularly close to.

What is your favourite indulgence?

My favourite indulgence is cheese or dark chocolate!
If I can add a comment, in French, we have the same word “Indulgence” but the main meaning is aptitude of forgiving, tolerance and humanity, I think I have this. I would love people to have more empathy for other humans and take care more of our natural environment, I try to pass this through my work.

More interviews in Part Two...


Perception: postscripts will be launched tomorrow at the Art Galleries of Palazzo de La Salle, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta and will remain open until the 31 August 2019. Entrance is free. For more info visit the MSA Website or Facebook

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