The Ode of Llewellyn

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Dear you,

There’s a space I can’t cover with words or color with thoughts. A space that deepens and widens with each passing breath of mine.

And somehow, I still exist without you. Your absence has not made me perish. It’s funny the silence that lies over my thoughts and my dreams and over the man whom I am so thankful for. The thoughts that danced away into my past and wove creations of a distant sound in blissful malcontent have not diminished but instead brought me peace.

Irregardless of your absence, I am still here. Gratitude still lies in every thought and every ounce of my being. For I am blessed. Blessed to still exist, irregardless of you.

I choose to be transparent, for life is an unheard, untold truth covered by silly expectations. I do not fear being sincere. Nor do I fear truth that nothing is important outside our minds. I’m blessed, blessed to know that special does not exist. Blessed to know the world starts inside my heart, and in that stillness nothing matters. Yet you are beyond special to me.

And you have died so many times for me, yet you still reside in every piece of my soul and in the eyes of the little blonde boy whom has not come to be. And yet, I still exist, in spite of your unfaltering love and your irreversible absence.


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