The perks of late 20’s

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Romantic relationships come as a bonus, not as a necessity.

Where there was once fear of change, now there is excitement. There’s an opening towards what life brings, instead of struggling to keep things as they are. It’s sort of “bring it on” attitude.

You start appreciating people instead of comparing yourself to them.

You no longer freak out whenever you feel insecure, because you know it’s just a passing phase.

You don’t feel the need to manipulate or change people.

You understand life is not black and white. Things don’t happen the way you plan them to, and it’s mostly because they don’t need to.

Plans become guidelines.

Success becomes a matter of inner peace, instead of a matter of image.

Sexuality is now a matter of personal choice instead of a matter of society’s “right & wrong”.

You learn to deal well with people’s choices and even better with your own. You understand that just because you care for someone, it doesn’t mean you have to wreak havoc in your life to keep them close, if they are incompatible or harmful to you.

You understand that most of the time relationships end because two people reach a point where they are no longer compatible, not because of anything else.

Things don’t seem so personal anymore. You know that not everyone sees things the way you do, and that’s ok.

Your competitive side shifts focus from other people to yourself. You enjoy your life through your own eyes, not through the filter of what anyone else wants or thinks.

The unknown becomes exciting.

You no longer see an unfulfilled expectation as a failure but as a learning experience.

You prioritize finding solutions, instead of getting caught up in examining the problems.

Procrastination turns into drive.

The world is no longer intimidating. It’s surprising.

Ups and downs are no longer overwhelming, they are just a passing moment in time.

Negative experiences become opportunities.

You live in your present and leave your past in your past.

Judgements are reduced to facts not opinions.

Happiness is no longer a journey, it’s a choice.

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